Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

It's that time again to share some of the yummy food we'll be having over the week! As always, everything we eat is purchased on sale and usually combined with coupons to maximize the savings.

Breakfast: James doesn't usually eat breakfast, instead usually grabs a so-healthy-for-him soda on the way out the door. Now that I'm pregnant I try (operative word here is try) to eat something healthy every morning. Usually my breakfast consists of some oatmeal and a yogurt or like this morning some leftover breakfast sausage, a biscuit, and frozen pancakes I nabbed on sale at Publix.

Lunches: The nature of James' job isn't conducive to bringing lunch with him so he usually hits a fast food joint (again oh-so-healthy) or, if he has time, stops home for lunch. Since I'm home, my lunches usually consist of leftovers or sandwiches made with leftovers. Of course, this doesn't count last Wednesday when I was craving a burger...not just any burger, but a Chili's Smokehouse burger and made my sweet, wonderful husband go get me one at lunchtime to satisfy my so-specific cravings. Not exactly good for the budget, but it sure tasted great!

Dinners for the week - You will see a couple I didn't get to make last week due to those lovely pregnancy cravings and James being sick and wanting chicken noodle soup one night.

Monday: Roasted turkey breast (not on sale, but cheap at Publix last week) with mashed potatoes (boxed & on sale with coupon at Winn-Dixie the week before) and mixed vegetables (Steamfresh frozen veggies free with coupon and sale at Publix 2 weeks ago).

Tuesday: Pork roast (bought on sale B1G1 at Winn-Dixie a few weeks ago) cooked Cuban style with mojo, black beans and rice, and fried plantains. Remember people, I'm Cuban!

Wednesday: Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich. We didn't get to try this recipe last week because James really wanted chicken soup that night because he was sick. Now I know he was truly sick because my husband does not like soup normally; only when he is under the weather! Again, we will be having this artery-clogging, but delicious sandwich with a side salad.

Thursday: Meatloaf, using my own secret recipe my husband adores and swears is better than his own mom's (sorry Jody!), with scalloped potatoes (Betty Crocker boxed, again with coupon and on sale at Winn-Dixie), and corn (Steamfresh frozen veggies free with coupon and sale at Publix 2 weeks ago and i really stocked up!).

Friday: Enchiladas. I will probably make a mixture of beef and chicken using an Old El Paso kit that I bought BOGO and with a coupon at Publix last week. We will have this with Zatarain's Spanish rice, bought this week BOGO and with a coupon at Publix.

Saturday: Fend for yourself leftover night! We'll have plenty of leftovers from the week as I have never learned to cook for two which is good for lunches and leftover nights for the rest of the week!

Sunday: Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich. I can't wait to finally try this recipe! It looks so yummy!

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